The orchestra is run by volunteers.  The following players have been elected as members of the committee;
  • Chair: Ben Hayes (Non-playing member)
  • Secretary: Judith Belton (Violin)
  • Treasurer: Olwen Lumsden  (Flute)
  • Fixer: Stewart Thorp (Horn)
  • Friends Secretary: Catherine Webster (Clarinet)
  • Deputy Chairman: Tony Turner (Trombone)
  • And ex officio;
    • Shaun Matthew  (Musical Director)
    • Tony Mason  (Leader)

Information on Sponsorship

Contact Tony Turner, Deputy Chairman

For Friends subscriptions and enquiries

Contact Catherine Webster

For payments or financial enquiries

Contact Olwen Lumsden

The committee welcomes comments and feedback from players and audience, and would be delighted to discuss any form of funding or sponsorship that local organisations may be able to offer. They can all be contacted at




Shaun Matthew
Anthony Mason
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Scarborough Symphony Orchestra is a Registered Charity: Charity Number 1125060.
Concert Venue: Methodist Central Hall, Queen Street, Scarborough, YO11 1HQ